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"Kristi Allen is an amazing regional singer-songwriter whose vocal verve and emotional punch makes you sit up and take notice the first time you hear her. One listen to her insightful, fresh charm and you wonder where the hell she has been hiding and why she isn't big time with the likes of the Reba McEntire or Loretta Lynn. Many of her lyrics belie a bible belt swelter, but with a quirky sinner's twist offering simple acceptance if not salvation from human frailties and failures."-LAST FM


“She writes absolutely killer songs, the kind that rip your heart out while making you smile fit to burst, and then delivers the killer blow vocally. Kristi has an outstanding voice, full of warmth and heart, and she has the most intense way of putting her lyrics across it sends shivers down my spine. For me, it is her unerring ability to absolutely NAIL the vocal EVERY time and the clean, uncomplicated musical accompaniment. I know, at this stage, I am absolutely doomed to love this singer/songwriter but - believe me - this is one of the finest things I have seen/heard this year and I don't throw compliments like that around freely.“ 
RebelRiffs: Steve Gilmore reviews the Internet's Unsigned Artists 

"…….all at once melodic and soft, but also raw and emotional. Kristi shifts effortlessly between sounding bluesy, rock'n'roll, folksy, and rootsy……as the night went on, I just kept thinking —its amazing this woman doesn't have a major recording contract. But then again, there is something to say for the intimacy of her shows in these small venues……Kristi is very warm and friendly with the audience, interacting between songs……But more than her open personality, people come to see Kristi for her music. She does a great combination of amazing originals and unique covers…. " –

Singer/Songwriter Kristi Allen

Welcome to the official website of Singer Songwriter Kristi Allen.
In a new era of AI music, Kristi is a purest at heart.  Her songs are written only by herself and come from her own life experience.  Her live shows are perfomed with her acoustic guitar and vocals without the use of loops or auto tune.  Her recordings are her own performances and she never uses AI or auto tune for any recording.  Keepin' it real.  
Kristi has been hard at work recording and mixing some new music in her home studio.
Enjoy the latest singles on the music page…Together, Just One, Live without me, and Since 1979.



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